Three Men and a Lady

Howdy! I, Ginny, am the lady in the title. My two sons and husband are the men. Come along with me as I go nuts trying to understand my men. Why, oh why, can't they clean up after themselves?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OMG.....Potty Training

I detest potty training. Absolutely detest it. Is it this difficult with girls? Is this just a boy thing? Are my boys, in particular, more reluctant than others to use the potty?

The little boy has been using the potty now for about two weeks. He is 3 yrs 8 mos old. He absolutely would have nothing to do with it before now. Now he's using the potty to pee, and has only had one pee-pee accident. Number two, however, is proving to be more of an issue. He's afraid to go in the potty. We had success yesterday. I had to sit in the bathroom and coach him along. All the while I was stifling my laughter as I felt like I was coaching someone thru child birth. Holding his hand and telling him over and over to push. Makes me chuckle thinking about it. lol

Anyway....he was very proud of himself after that suceess. High fives between he and I, calling daddy at work to tell him, he got the special toy we'd been holding over his head waiting for the moment. He announced he would, from then on, be using the potty to go poopy. Well, this morning he refused. Flat out refused. We sat in the bathroom forever and he just would. Not. Do. It. Period. He proceeded to go in his pull-up right before bed tonight.

Now, I know....I're shouting "take away the freakin' pull-ups!". I've cleaned his mess out of his undies one too many times and was just in the mood to do that today, so he wore a pull-up...but he still used the potty to go pee. Sigh.

I know, I know he will not go to college wearing a pull-up and still refusing to use the potty. So, why do I take his fear and reluctance to use the toilet so personally? And, like it's my fault if he doesn't want to do it? He knows this is something I can't force him to do, he has complete control over it. And that drives me nuts!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There we that's better!

Now it's lookin' a bit better. A couple photos, new colors for the title and subtitle....much better. The type color for the first post doesn't match...but I have yet to figure out how to go back and change it. Hey, this whole blogger thing is new to me. :-)

And, just who do I think I'm "talking" to, anyway? As if there are any readers out there....yet anyway.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Wow...I have a blog!

I've finally done it....created my very own blog! Yeah, yeah you say....everybody's got one. I have been the reader of countless over the past several years but have not had one of my own. What will I have to say? Who the heck knows!

About the title...I am the lady and my two sons and husband are the three men. Yep, I am the only source of estrogen in this household and that can sometimes get very old. Things I will discuss and quite often rant about? Let's men can't seem to change the toilet paper roll, garbage is sat on the edge of the kitchen counter rather than actually placed inside the garbage can below, and why they seem to think it's okay to take a glass out of the cabinet and leave the door open. HELLO? Close the cabinet door!